Laura : I had a look on Nana’s camera footage of the performance, it seems she was perceiving another reality, especially when Nana is filming from inside the smoke. I am going to show it to you.

Laura puts the video on

Laura : Nana, no need to explain to everybody where we are?

Nana : Yes I did not want to say it to you… I mean we were in New York, right ? that’s what you said to feed our imagination! Well and yeah... I saw Paul, he was so small ! and we were so big !

Laura : What ! you saw Paul ?

Nana starts to run. Laura follows her.

Nana : I am sorry, Laura, I could not reach him, he was very small. He was the size of this remote control even smaller… I was trying not to crush him with my big feet

Nana tries to become small close to the remote control.

Laura : how did you dare not telling me the truth LIVE ?

Nana is climbing on a painting bucket against a wall, standing up on it, because she is afraid to walk on Paul and to protect herself from Laura.

Nana :  I did not want to change the script

Laura : There was no script, don’t pretend it now because there is an audience around us !

what’s wrong with you ? You all the time want to pretend that you are great, following the rules ? ! And now you try to make believe to those people that there is a fucking script.

Laura goes towards Nana and strangles her. The cameraperson makes a close up of the scene to make believe that Laura is lifting Nana up against the wall. Nana is bleeding.

Laura : You are a fucking mythomaniac ! that’s crazy ! The performance was wobbly, we could not premeditate anything, as Paul was writing, changing the whole manuscript of the Novel : Nice’Prime. I am looking for him, I am worried, taking planes all the time to New York, sparing all my money I don’t have in fucking flights, you know that ?! I don’t have money to eat, I am all the time fucking stealing my food ! I am ashamed of myself ! look at my life ! I am stealing ! You know it ! Where did Clara go ? CLARA ! CLARA ! CLARA ! Is she fucking lying also ? But maybe you know where the fuck the others performers went ? Because now, Elena Shankar Giulio and Clara, they all disappeared one by one !

Nana :  I don’t..

Laura : You should tell me, coz you are going to disappear soon…