a dyptich

In a reversible space but without exit, the show never really starts. On the rooftop of the tower, the corypheus is waiting for the choir to play, the performeur is trapped into representation, and the technician is getting lost. No sunrise. No sunset. Sensation of time is gone.

Mainwhile, in the basement, the chorus feels threaten to be fired.

Performers :

Gitte Hendrikx

Juliette Otter

Rafaël Elders

Seelik Tristan Mutti

 Laura Tinard

Doris Boerman

Oskar Petzet

Credit Photo : Ioannis Pallas



" Laura was born in the South of France in 1991 in Nice. This is not a detail to neglect to understand her work : she goes into the darkness and absurdity of the underworld to find back her lost paradise. Her relationship to representation relies on  a misguidance into la "fabrication de l'image". At the age of thirteen, she got stuck on a movie shooting by accident on Le Boulevard de Cimiez. This misguidance nearby Mr Bean was not a detour but a shortcut to her artistic quest : glimpsing to the flaws of representation to find an exit. Her characters are trapped into image, immersed into representation, a worrying feeling that makes Laura's characters wanting to leave the stage without any greeting. Her relation to representation is a double-edged field, used to the azur hollywood light, she henceforth filmed in Brussels in the dark of the night or in the shallows of a tower.

As her interests lies into the binary as the result of the loss of authenticity, she will turn into a decor, with the gesture of duplicate objects that are present in her video, an original or random setting in order to transform the real world into a simulacre. This feeling of "unreal staging" is already present by the simple gesture of framing a space with a camera but she enhances it with the production of double constructed objects that are exhibited in the projection space. This tendency of materializing her experience of "étrangeté" covers the tracks of the spectator, but it seems to be her way to communicate what uncertainly surrounds her, nothing else than her perception of the world that is a constant representation of itself. "


Werther DerGloes, A fictional review of art, PPPH,  Magazine n°44



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